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Baywater Heirlooms is Quality

BayWater Heirlooms is a division of BayWater Greens dedicated to growing the tastiest and best heirloom crops for distributors, restaurants, food delivery companies and anyone else who appreciates the unique properties of heirlooms. Every heirloom variety has its own history, flavor and characteristics that make it a one of a kind experience. We are growing these heirlooms on farmland that has been in our family for 6 generations and we take pride in re-introducing these classic non-GMO varieties back on our land.

We are focusing our 2016 year on growing many varieties of tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, yellow and green squash, sweet peppers and eggplant. Every type has multiple colors, shapes and flavors and will be packed and shipped with the same care and attention to detail that BayWater Greens customers have grown accustom to. Contact us with any questions or requests about what we grow and especially how we can provide you with these unique products.





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BayWater Heirlooms
a division of BayWater Greens, LLC
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Baywater Heirlooms is committed to providing exceptional delivery practices to accompany our products. This ensures your product arrives to meet your needs any time you order. We offer ordering and delivery 7 days a week and can work with your daily schedule to help you run efficiently.